What Are Business Figures?

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Business Figure

What do you know about business figures? For your information, a business figure that is also called as a business magnate is important people who are standing proudly in their field of business.

This term also refers to an entrepreneur who can control a business who is known by all of the people in the whole world.

Usage of the Term

Nowadays, the term business figures or business magnates are related to the entrepreneurs that standing on their own or continuing the family business in the process of building and improving their business.

Some of the entrepreneurs are commonly known each other in doing many entrepreneurial activities such as philanthropy, fundraising, campaign, financing, and sponsorship.

On the other hand, other terms such as tycoon are used in industries such as mining, logging, petroleum, shipping, railroads, automaking, steelmaking, banking, and newspaper publishing.


There are some well-known business figures in the business world that you should know.

Such as John D. Rockefeller as the famous oilman, Henry Ford as the pioneer of the automobile, Aristotle Onassis as the veteran in shipping and railroad, Andrew Carnegie as the famous steel innovator, William Randolph Hearst as the famous newspaper publisher, Sam Walton as the famous retail merchant, and also a famous banker J. P. Morgan.

Meanwhile, on the contemporary industrial area, there are some business figures such as Jeff Bezos as the famous e-commerce entrepreneur, Warren Buffett as the famous investor.

Bill Gates as the famous computer programmer, Steve Jobs as the famous technology innovator, Lakshmi Mittal as the famous steel investor, Carlos Slim as the famous telecommunications investor, Sir Richard Branson as the owner of airline.

Elon Musk as the famous technology entrepreneur, Bernie Ecclestone as the manager of Formula 1, Rupert Murdoch as the media entrepreneur, and Frank Perdue as the poultry technologist.

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