Small Business Recommendations in Pandemic Period

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Small Business Recommendations in Pandemic Period

Small Business Recommendations in Pandemic Period – Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world left most business sectors hit. Not even the few who have to face the reality of the roll.

In many countries, many businesses or businesses have to accept the impact of a pandemic. Not only large-scale businesses, small businesses are also affected by the pandemic.

With these conditions, then what business or business has a good chance to run. Here are the recommendations of small businesses in times of pandemic that can be done:

Website Creation Services

Website creation services are a good enough opportunity to do. If you have expertise in website creation, it doesn’t take any time to try this effort. Social distancing policy that exists today, making many businesses that try to do how to market their business online. Many of them then created online stores as a way to market the products they sold over the internet.

It is certainly an opportunity for you to open a website creation service.

Article Creation Services

The number of businesses that make online stores, becomes an opportunity for article making services. If you have article writing skills, you have the opportunity to offer your expertise. We know that not all website creation services also serve the creation of content, such as product descriptions. Well, here’s your chance to offer article creation services.

Graphic Design Services

Having graphic design expertise is a good opportunity. Offer your graphic design skills. You can also sell graphic design works you’ve created on marketplaces, such as Envato.

Sell Phone Credit

The increase in internet users, especially during this pandemic, makes the need for credit usage and data packages also increase. This is a good opportunity for you to sell credit and data packages. To start this business, you don’t even need a place, but just using a smartphone device, you can already sell credit or data packages.

Sell Masks

As we know, in this time of pandemic everyone is obliged to wear masks to prevent the spread of the virus. Well, selling masks is a good opportunity for you to run. The capital to start this business also does not have to be large. You can sell cloth masks that are currently needed by the community.

Sell Hand Sanitizer

One of the efforts to prevent covid-19 transmission is the use of hand sanitizer. The need for hand sanitizer by the community is also increasing, along with increasing public awareness to maintain health, especially avoiding covid-19 transmission. This is a good opportunity for you to sell this one.

Those are some of the Small Business Recommendations in Pandemic Period that you can try. Good luck.

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