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How to promote products on Instagram

How to promote products on Instagram – Instagram is one of the most popular social media today. It’s no wonder that many people then utilize Instagram as a business promotional medium.

For those of you who want to promote your products on Instagram, here we share how.

Become an active Instagram user

If you want to promote your product effectively on Instagram, of course you have to become an active user of Instagram. Create your store’s Instagram account or product name, then follow all the influencers who have many followers on Instagram.

Don’t forget to actively comment on the influencer’s post. To make your store account more familiar to many people. In addition, you also need to follow people who are roughly interested in the products you sell.

The more people you follow, the name of the store or the product you are selling will be increasingly known to many people.

You should also diligently create posts in those accounts. Whether it’s about the products you sell, or other interesting things. Try every post made as interesting as possible and always keep good communication with everyone.

Focus with one Brand only

One of the most important things you should be aware of when you want to promote your sales product on Instagram is to focus your promotions on one brand.

If for example you want to sell clothes, then create a memorable brand about your store. Then focus the promotion on the store’s brand. Never promote things that are unrelated to your main goal.

To make it easier for customers to remember the brand you’re promoting, and they’ll find it easier.

The goal of the promotion is to keep your brand in the minds of many people, so it’s likely that your business grows faster. Business competition on Instagram is very strict. If the brand you are outdated is already known to many people, it is certainly an advantage.
Always use popular hashtags

The use of hashtags is also very important in a promotion, as the hashtag allows your posts to be seen by many people. As much as possible, use a trending hashtag, but it should relate to the product you’re selling.

Although the level of competition in the use of hashtags is quite strict, as long as you are able to create interesting posts, this is not a problem. One of the things you need to keep in mind is, don’t use too many hashtags, because later it counts as spamming.

Use just enough hashtags, related to the content of your post. You can also create your own hashtags, and then invite all of your followers to create the same thing. Thus the popularity of your store will increase.

Make interesting videos about products

To make the posts you’ve seen by many, interesting photos are important, but they can’t describe the entire content and quality of your product.

Therefore you need to also make videos as interesting as possible about the products you sell. Videos are better able to describe a product clearly and plainly. In addition, video is also more appealing than photos.

Instead of relying on photos and a wide description underneath, it’s better to create a short, dense video post, but it’s capable of making your customers hooked with the products you sell.

People people prefer to see video images rather than read descriptions. Therefore it is better to use a lot of videos than posting a lot of photos.

Conduct a Challenge or prize contest

Another way that is also not less effective for promoting on Instagram is to make a challenge. Most people, really like something free or giveaway.

You can utilize this as a promotional medium. Let’s say you created a contest for followers to post their photos as interesting as possible when wearing the products you sell. Don’t forget to also create a hastag about the contest.

The bigger the rewards you provide, the more likely people will follow them more enthusiastically. This is generally very effective for promotion. Especially if the hashtag about the race can be trending, it is definitely very profitable.

Post inspirational words or other interesting words

In general people play Instagram to find entertainment or seek inspiration. Things that smell motivated, said inspiring word, and other words of interest, generally very popular many people. Posts like this are often quoted as well as a lot of people shared.

It doesn’t hurt to use an inspirational word in every post you create. If you can use it as a promotional medium it is certainly very profitable.

Collaborate inspiring words with the products you sell, so people will see the posts you make. Or you can occasionally post a word of inspirational words only, the goal is for your account to follow many people and be recognized by many. Creating posts on Instagram must be as creative as possible.

Create periodic and consistent posts

Doing promotion on Instagram is crucial to taking time and consistency into account. You need to analyze the hour how much people think the most accesses the Medsos. It is therefore important to create posts periodically.

For example, make a post at 6 a.m., 8 a.m., 12 noon, 3 p.m., at 6pm, 8 pm, and another time. If you see a post that’s most likely to be addressed in one particular hour, then you’ll need to make the post as interesting as possible during that hour.

It is also very important to consistently create posts in the same hour. Too much to make posts is not good. Too few are so. It is therefore important to pay attention to your consistency in posting products.

Use paid ads on Instagram

Another way that you can use to promote your products is to leverage paid ads on Instagram. Instagram itself provides a place for business owners to promote their products.

To use it indeed you have to spend a little money. But it is later comparable to the outcome you get.

To take advantage of this one you should consider a lot of things on the go, such as who is the target audience, what images to post, when the posting time, how long the ad was served and other things, and how much budget you spent on the ad.

Although this way is quite ribet and cost-effective, the promotion is later finished more effectively. Each promotion definitely requires effort and capital. If you are willing to spend a more promising promotion of capital, it is certainly not a big problem.

Thus a brief explanation of how to effectively promote a product on Instagram, hopefully useful.

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